Today, August 5th, is ‘Work Like a Dog Day’. One of the workiest dogs in Florida is Sparky Glover in Downtown Lakeland. Sparky is nearly the Downtown Lakeland Goodwill Ambassador. There are few in Downtown Lakeland that don’t know this pup.

Sparky is part of ‘Two Hens and a Hound’ framing & art store on S. Kentucky Avenue. You can stop by and see Sparky any day but her days off on Sundays and Tuesdays (Allied Canine Workers Union does limit doggie work).  You see, what folks don’t know is that Sparky actually does all the framing at the store while the owners, Ellen Sims and Sparky’s mom, Terisa Glover, often take occasional naps.

You can click here to learn more about and plan a visit to ‘Two Hens and a Hound’.