Swampy and the gang say Happy Native American Day! They’re gathered around a chickee. The Seminole home was built off the ground to keep the rain water and critters from getting in.

The Seminoles were the second phase of Native Americans to come into and live in Florida. The first phase lived on the peninsula for thousands of years until being wiped out by the Spanish conquistadors. Some of the tribes that were here prior to the Spanish invasion in the early 1500s were the Ais, Tequesta, Timucua, Calusa, Apalachee, etc, etc. We’ll never be sure how many tribes were actually living on the peninsula or their lifestyle due to the extermination by the Spanish.

Swampy’s favorite place to learn more about the Seminole lifestyle is Billie’s Swamp Safari. Click here to learn more and plan a trip!

Near the entrance to Billie’s Swamp Safari is the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum where a more serious study can be made of Florida’s Native Americans. Click here to learn more to visit this great history museum.