Zuber sends the baloney discs aflyin’ to Trilby for a tasty treat!

For fine German baloney a great place to go is Mr. Dunderbak’s in Daytona Beach. Mr. Dunderbak’s could be found in malls all over Florida years ago. This is the last of those still open. The eating spots were odd in that you would roam the roomy mall of clothes boutiques and record stores and stop at Mr. Dunderbak’s very crowded room of tables, chairs, deli counter, bar, food and booze. Being at a Mr. Duncerbak’s was like being somewhere otehr than a mall. It was as if you had managed to be transported to a biergarten somewhere in Germany.

Mr. Dunderbak’s opened in the same location back in 1975 and is considered to be the best restaurant for German food in Daytona Beach.  Click here to learn more and to plan a trip to nab some German baloney and German potato pancakes at Mr. Dunderbak’s.

There is only one other Mr. Dunderbak’s in Flordia and it’s far more of a roomy American layout over in Tampa on Bruce B. Downs.