Jim Ivey Political Cartoon from 60 years ago today in the St Petersburg Times!
While looking for today’s advertisement i came across, my old friend, Jim Ivey’s editorial cartoons from the St Petersburg Times. The onfirst is from November 17th 1955 and the second below from November 17th, 1954.
Jim Ivey is an icon in the cartooning world from helping start the National Cartoonists Society to helping establish the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists. He was working to build these groups at the time of these cartoons. Both groups thrive today.
Ivey later moved from the Times to the Orlando Sentinel in the 1960s. He also began The Cartoon Museum in Pinellas County and moved it to Orange when he moved to the Sentinel. His cartoons from editorial cartoons to his ‘Thoughts of Man’ series can be found in varioous cartoon and art museums.


Jim is still with us today, living in Orlando. Included is a phot when I got to join fellow cartooning enthusiasts for an Ivey conference this past July. He’s still the curmudgeonly, cigar chomping self folks knew from way back in St. Petersburg. Just a bit older at 90.