Happy Woman’s History Month! Today a bit about a lesser known woman who blazed a trail in Brevard County!

Caroline Rossetter is one of the most important people to live in the Melbourne area. After her
father’s death, in 1921, this Jacksonville native continued his work as an agent for the Standard
Oil Company in south Brevard County. An oil agent made sure everyone had the oil they wanted.
Caroline was the first female oil agent and she held that position for 62 years.

Caroline also built the first gas stations in the area, maintained the family’s cattle & citrus
businesses and contributed to many charities.

She lived in the house her father built in Eau Gallie
until her death at 101 years old in 1999. Today this house is a museum called the Rossetter House Museum.

To learn more and plan a visit to the Rossetter House Museum click here: