Lums was a favorite spot for their special brand of hot dogs. The chain was based in Miami Beach, where it started officially in 1956. Restaurants were scattered all over Florida and beyond. This advertisement is for the one in Sarasota. Many were combined with another chain, Arthur Treacher’s Fish ‘n Chips. The two restaurant structures would sit upon adjoining lots.

The chain was sold a few times too many, which shuttered the chain. A few cut away from the bankruptcy. One still exists way out in Nebraska as Lums. Another closed as Lums in 2009 to be reborn as the Flashback Diner. That also still exists today and now holds three locations. The only holdover from Lums available in the Flashback Diner is the ‘Ollieburger’.

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Here’s a bit more about Lums:

This advertisement is from the April 12th, 1976 edition of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.