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Last week I stopped in for a great steak dinner at Black Angus. Per chance a couple days earlier I had come across this glass in my travels. It has the original “Mr. Angus” character on it that I remember from my trips to Black Angus in the 1970s. Also the “This is no bum steer” tag line.

I once got to speak to Jerrod, the owner of Black Angus, who told me the story of the Black Angus chain. The abbreviated version, working from a memory that might be off here and there, involves the owner and a partner who started the chain in Miami. Along the way they expanded up to Central Florida and Jerrod joined another partner to create a steak house legend in Central Florida, Freddie’s Steak House. Freddie’s last a couple decades until a falling out of owners closed the establishment. Black Angus had also run out of steam.

Jerrod decided to restart Black Angus with the original high standards he had always had with the original chain and Freddies, carefully selected meats cooked to perfection. He told me of a recent time when a truck load of steaks came that didn’t meet his standards and he sent the entire truck back. As he started his version, family of the other partner also started their version of Black Angus. To tell the two apart, Jerrod added his name to his restaurants.

I also had the opportunity to speak to Jerrod’s son who loved working with his father and the restaurant. It was obvious Jerrod looked to his son to continue Black Angus. Unfortunately Jerrod’s son died suddenly a few years ago. Since then the two separate Black Angus’ have merged. When i was there last week I was told Jerrod is in the hospital with only a few months to live. I also learned another family member is still involved and it appears the aim for the highest level of steak is being kept as tradition.

Please feel free to correct any of my errors!

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