Swampy’s #Florida says Happy John D. MacDonald’s 100th Birthday!
Swampy, the Swamp Ape, celebrates the 100th birthday of author John D. MacDonald remembering the tales of Travis McGee.
It was today in 1916 that the great Florida author John D. MacDonald was born. There has been celebrating in Sarasota all year culminating tonight. Wish i could be there.
MacDonald’s best known character, Travis McGee, was the “Salvage Consultant” that could bring back anything you lost…for 1/2 the worth. McGee starred in 21 novels up to MacDonald’s death December 28th, 1986.
MacDonald wrote of McGee having his boat, the Busted Flush, docked at the real live Slip F-18 at real live Bahia Mar in real live Fort Lauderdale. The McGee books did so well over three decades that an historic marker was made and placed at Slip F-18. Since it was placed, it was moved due to popularity to harbor master office. (Wanted to place a photo I took of it here, but for the life of me can’t find it)
Besides the McGee tales, MacDoanld produced scores of short stories for magazines, 40+ other books that included science fiction. His two best known works were independent of McGee. ‘Condominium’ was of the plight of characters in a hurricane and developers scams. ‘The Executioners’ became the two films ‘Cape Fear’.
You can learn more about John D. MacDonald at this fan site: http://jdmhomepage.org/
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