A postcard of Murray Hamilton’s in Miami Beach – Where Sinatra discovered Don Rickles.
Night clubs dotted A1A during the heydays of entertainment in south Miami Beach. Established and up and coming comedians and singers lined up for clubs of Ciro’s, Martha Raye and Murray Hamilton’s. All were full of those who went to drink really hard liquor and see a bawdy show. Comedians found along the strip on any given night might be Joe E. Ross, B.S. Pully and Don Rickles.
It was during one of Rickles shows at Murray Franklin’s around 1957 that Frank Sinatra walks in and joins the crowd. Rickles goes right after the super star he had yet to meet, “I just saw your movie, ‘The Pride and the Passion’ and I want to tell you, the cannon was great.” Rickles continued and Sinatra loved it, which was the spark to Rickles future. Within 3 years, thanks to Sinatra’s promoting, Rickles was headlining in Las Vegas.
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