This card is postmarked from 1944. As much as I’ve learned of Zissen’s over the years, it was quite the watering hole in the Miami area. It claimed to have a longer bar than any other in 44 states. Celebrities and politicians cooled or warmed themselves at the Bowery.
Zissen’s Bowery was located at 1755 N. Miami Avenue. I’ve been at the location and viewing the vacant lot can conjure the many, many raucous patrons who frequented the spot. Conjuring is easier due to the Zissen’s neighbor then, and now, the City Of Miami Cemetery. I’ve no doubt residents at one visited the other. The City Cemetery has most of the cream of the crop of Miami’s early builders. From Julia Tuttle (of the orange blossom sent to Henry Flagler legend) to William Belk (Of Belk’s department store fame) rest in the parkland.
This is what the location looks like today:

The cemetery is to the left and Biscayne Boulevard can be seen in the distance.