Here’s an interesting postcard of Tropical Park that was once in Miami. The card is not postmarked, so I don’t know when this was printed. I’d guess either in the ’30s or ’40s. A few things that makes this interesting to me. One is how this image is presented. Lots track and sky. The horses are in the middle ground and the viewing area in the background. i wonder why this was printed this way. Something else is that the horse appear to be in the midst of being presented to the crowd. If the photographer knew that, why didn’t they wait and get a photo during a race. Or was this part of a set of photos and there was one printed of the race.

Another interesting thing is that this is labeled as being part of Coral Gables. It’s a reason why i suspect this to be from the ’30s. I don’t consider this to be in Coral Gables today. Or am I wrong?

Please comment below with any thoughts to my questions.

Something to note is the lush landscaping along the track that you can see on the left hand side. I’ve noticed this particularly in images of the tracks from the ’30s to the ’50s. A lot of effort for beauty that was not all that easy to see. Especially if you were in the viewers stand.

The photograph was taken by Gleason Waite Romer who took photos from 1925 until the early 1950’s all over Dade County.

Tropical Park has been gone since 1979 and in it’s place is a public park run by the Miami/Dade government with the same handle.

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