This is one of my favorite postcards. Love the action of the water skier coming off a ramp during a water ski show in Cypress Gardens.

The water ski shows in Cypress Gardens were internatinally known throughout their run. Part of that was due to the star power of actress Esther Williams. The films and programs that were filmed at Cypress Gardens with Williams at the helm were some of the most popular of the era they were filmed. Her expert swimming skills and beauty were known the world over.

The other who kept a spotlight on Cypress Gardens is the one who brought Esther Williams to Cypress Gardens, Dick Pope. He not only ran the location, but was it’s head cheerleader. He did everything possible to keep the name and images of Cypress Gardens alive all over the planet.

Water skiing was the highlight of Cypress Gardens along with, of course, the gardens. Performing there was a goal of any water ski performer. The shows were a spectacular show of strength, agility and fun.

Today, a new place, Legoland, is in Cypress Gardens place and they, too, have water ski shows, though those are featured to a far less degree to the Lego toys themselves.