Here’s the Hotel Windsor that once stood in Jacksonville. It was in the Heming Park area of Downtown.This postcard was mailed in 1947 from Lew to Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Johnson in Flora, Illinois. Sadly this building was not long for this world and was bulldozed less than three years later. The leveled land had asphalt spread across it for a parking lot.

White Way Realty has a bit of fascinating history about the Hotel Windsor:

Built in 1875, the Windsor Hotel attracted adventurers and statesmen visiting eastern Florida or making stopovers before traveling deeper into what was then the vast wilderness of the South.

 In 1901, the Windsor Hotel burned down in a fire that ravaged most of downtown Jacksonville. The proprietors of the hotel set out to reconstruct, and bought out the neighboring land where the St. James once stood.They sold the land on condition that it would not be used for construction of a competing hotel.The Windsor Hotel was demolished in 1950 to make room for a parking lot. In 1955, I. Morris, vice president of Cuyahoga Wrecking Co., told the St. Petersburg Times that the hotel had held the strangest treasure he’d ever found during a demolition: a subterranean room filled with illegal whiskey.