Swampys Florida-Diplomat-Newley

This ad for The Diplomat is from the Miami News, January 20th, 1978.

Interesting notes about the performers is that Bernadette Peters was coming from a cancelled TV series, ‘All’s Fair’, with, actor, Richard Crenna to this live performance. Within the year of 1978 she would be working on the film ‘The Jerk’ with Steve Martin.

Cheryl Barnes was coming from a touring company of the play ‘Godspell’ and, within the year of 1978, she would be acting and singing in, the film version of the stage play, ‘Hair’.

Anthony Newley was juggling a complicated schedule of a live performance like this, co-hosting ‘the Mike Douglas Show’, ‘Hollywood Squares’,  being a guest on various talk shows, etc., etc. Newley was a very popular guest for variety programs and game shows and was kept extremely busy bouncing from one to the other.