Swampy says Happy International Coffee Day!  Paco Pete, his granddaughter, Bunny and Zuber stop at the local coffee shop. Pete tips a cup of java, Bunny gets a coffee flavored milkshake and Zuber gets a coffee flavored milk, hold the coffee.

Though there are many coffee shops across Florida, the locally owned shops have been struggling. Many have closed over the recent years. Most of the locally owned coffee shops I have gone to are also closed.

One locally owned coffee shop that I like a lot is still open and does very well thanks partly to the school beside it, the Pensacola Christian Academy. When in Pensacola, visit The Drowsy Poet! Nab a Rocky Road Brownie! Also, Jazz music plays Saturday mornings!

Click here to learn more about The Drowsy Poet and plan a trip to one of their locations around Pensacola.