One of the more interesting things about this ad is the lack of an actual address. “Near the S.A.L. depot” would almost certainly put S.R. Johns and Sons in Starke, the capital and only significant city in Bradford County then or now.

What’s more interesting is that every advertisement in the September 30th, 1938 edition of the Bradford Telegraph has no address.

The telephone number also shows how few people were in the county at the time – Phone: 45

Items advertised are also interesting:

“FAT hens – 18 cents”
“Our special coffee”. Wonder what made it “special”?
Freshness: “Native Round Steak”
“Cincy Scratch”. Don’t know what this is. A quick search yielded nothing.
“Libbys Milk”. Wonder if that was the name brand or someone local named ‘Libby’?

Please feel free to leave any comments and/or answers to my wonders below.