I was given a tour of the Loochloosa United Methodist Church a couple weeks ago. Here are some exterior and interior photos!


The church was built in 1882 and all are still welcome to congregate in this small community in southern Alachua County.


This pedestal was used for more decades than is known today. It stands today as a monument of the past in the church.


The pews are not original but stand in the position as the church was originally built.


This illustration of the church was found at a garage sale in another county and was a surprise to members and now decorates a wall of the church.


2015-0517-Lochloosa-MethodistChurch-5 2015-0517-Lochloosa-MethodistChurch-4 2015-0517-Lochloosa-MethodistChurch-3

Here is where you can find the church to attend or visit:

16503 SE 210th Terrace, Hawthorne, FL 32640